Returning to our Roots

Bradley Farm was using all natural practices when it was founded by William Bradley and his wife in 1762. The farm encompassed the 82 acres located in Lanesboro, Massachusetts and contains one of the main trails up to the Mount Greylock summit, named the Bradley Farm Trail.

Since new ownership in 2013 Michael and Tracy McManmon have been transforming Bradley Farm, continually providing local and organic produce and groceries to community. Michael and Tracy are committed to building a sustainable farm and use only practices that add to the environment. They have planted a large perennial garden and are propagating flowers and succulents in the greenhouse. Now Bradley farm has its own wells and new septic system, and with the eventual addition of solar power will be self-sufficient soon.


Our vision is to restore the farm to its roots. We have renovated and restored all the buildings and grounds, revitalized the store and introduced mostly local and organic products for sale, like local honey, syrup, etc. We have added to the chicken flock and have organic free-range eggs to sell. One acre of restored blueberry bushes were added, as well as raspberries, peaches, plums, cherries, pears, black walnut, chestnuts, grapes, goji berries. Apple orchard was revitalized.

We also have added four beehives, and a worm farm, and are growing organic ginger in greenhouses (two heated and three cold). Expanded parking area and four seasonal arts and craft sheds are welcome additions at the farm too.

Our vision for Bradley Farm is to be in harmony with God and the land that has been given to use. We hope a by-product of this union will be the development of a community where all can enjoy great food while becoming connected to it’s source and each other. And to develop a fully self-sustaining farm that grows produce using organic processes and purchasing local products as much as possible to support local producers and businesses. To be in integrity with the land and in communion with all other people and treat animals with respect and dignity.

Our foods and products are:

  • Organically and locally produced as much as possible
  • Produced with organic and or untreated seeds
  • Respect the environment and it’s people
  • Sold at reasonable prices
  • Uses certified GMO-free supplies whenever possible
  • Uses BPA-free liner whenever possible
  • Supportive of local farmers and producers
  • Keeps jobs in our community

The vision includes reflecting the values of hard work and honesty, and upholding the history and values of Bradley Farm. To welcome all who want to come and learn and work with them to build a community and sponsor and teach interns and apprentices in organic farming. Farm wants to provide customers with clean, safe, and nutritious foods grown in harmony with nature.


When foods/products in the store are purchased from outside the area, we attempt to buy high quality products that are produced from sustainable, environmentally sound producers.

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